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“Mass adoption and real business application are the key factors for cryptocurrencies to become a Trillion-dollar market. RxEAL aims to lead this trend in years to come.”
Aleksandrs Puzdrans, RxEAL co-founder

Smart and trustless deposits

Smart contracts solve the issue of trust involved in handing over security deposits to the other party for storage. The smart contract will ensure that the deposit amount is stored securely on the Ethereum blockchain throughout the course of the agreement.

Security deposit as an asset

Would you want your deposit funds to be potentially worth many times more than initially deposited or do you prefer the stability of a fiat currency and still want to benefit from the blockchain technology? No matter what your choice is, RxEAL has you covered with the smart deposits in rapidly growing ETH or stable Dai by Maker.

Supporting cryptocurrency ecosystem

RxEAL can become the one-stop solution for every rental transaction. It is easy to integrate into the existing workflow of a rental company or to use by an individual. Advantages offered by RxEAL compared to the traditional security deposit systems will incentivize more and more people to use cryptocurrencies.

Traditional rental

A lessee transfers the security deposit to a lessor.
A lessor fully controls the deposit funds during the rental period.
A lessee trusts the lessor to safely store the security deposit.
A lessor unilaterally decides whether to return the security deposit.
Forms of security deposit payments (credit card, debit card, cash, etc.) vary depending on rules set by the lessor.
It can take up to 30 days for security deposit to be returned.
Disputes are resolved in courts - this proves to be a costly and time-consuming process.


A lessee transfers the security deposit to a mutually controlled smart contract.
Deposit funds are stored inside the smart contract during the rental period or until mutually approved action is initiated with no ability for lessor to unilaterally access the deposited funds.
Deposit is securely stored on Ethereum blockchain inside the open source smart contracts.
Security deposit is returned according to the contract conditions. Withholdings can only be made based on mutual agreement.
Unified standard for security deposits when renting property, cars and other assets. Use Ether or Dai Stable Coin for all your transactions.
Security deposit is returned as soon as contract terms are met. Under normal Ethereum network conditions it will take up to 10 minutes.
Disputes are resolved quickly by independent and qualified arbitrators within the RxEAL platform.



6,000,000,000 EUR
annualy lost due to disputes in UK alone

Huge disputes replaced with technology

We replace legal fees with smart contracts and a trio of independent experts that score agreements

The Blockchain


Entities that
Lease out Assets


Smart Contracts for
Security Deposits


Entities that
Rent Assets

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The demand example for RXL tokens in USD equivalent using base service fee model and assuming 50% dispute rate.

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What happens next?

Q3 2017

Market testing &
concept proof

Q4 2017

seed round

Jan 15th 2018

Launch of RXL
token pre-sale

Mar 12th 2018

Launch of RXL
token sale

Q2 2018

First clients onboarded

Q3 2018

Expansion in
the UK & US


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177 423

Meet the team of experts responsible for RxEAL's success

Dmitrijs Orlovs


Dmitrijs has gained comprehensive experience in the field of tax and finance while working in EY with companies such as L’Oréal, IBM, General Electric, Accenture and others. In addition, Dmitrijs has managed various projects in the fields of IT, engineering and marketing. Dmitrijs has also gained valuable sales and marketing experience while working as the Head of Sales in a hardware startup and while managing marketing related projects in the biggest retail chain in the Baltics.

Aleksandrs Puzdrans


Aleksandrs co-founded an agency specializing in WordPress-based solution development with more than 20,000 clients from all around the world choosing its products. Aleksandrs has studied international economics and commercial diplomacy and has always been excited by new technologies, and while working on a real estate related FinTech project in 2016 he became enthusiastic about opportunities that blockchain can provide to improve the industry and eventually this transformed into the creation of RxEAL.

Janis Dabols


Janis is experienced lawyer and financier for almost 10 years. His expertise lays in financial markets, investment management, securities law, securities regulation and corporate law. He has been working as a financial market and global economy analyst, structured private equity and alternative investment funds, complex commercial real estate transactions and has provided financial, legal and tax consultations to various corporations and high net worth individuals.

Boris Koziorov


Boris is a technical expert and software engineer with notable experience in scalable project development and implementing software solutions for startups, internal systems and CRM’s. He has been a team leader of the IT department at Rention – a company developing a complete property and rental management segment. Boris acts as a technology consultant and coordinator in various startups. Additionally, Boris is a member of the board in a digital agency and he is focused on developing and implementing modern software solutions for a wide range of customers.

Janis Egle


Janis is a talented web designer and has studied design in the Baltic International Academy. He has co-founded a web design agency specializing in WordPress-based product development in 2011. Janis has participated in various individual, corporate and government projects and worked as a packaging and graphic designer at the leading brand refresher company DPJN Inc.

Liene Abola


Liene is a highly experienced expert in various legal spheres. For a couple of years now she has been working with construction and real estate legal matters and has proved her knowledge in conjunction with her practical abilities while working as a lawyer in an international construction group of companies in Europe. Previously Liene has proved her professionalism working as a judge’s assistant in a district court, and subsequently, the Supreme Court. As a lawyer, Liene has participated in various construction projects, provided consultations and legal evaluation on insurance, labour, construction, tax and custom legislation. Liene has also successfully participated in international law moots not only as a participant, but also as an arbitrator.

Mindaugas Peciokas


Mindaugas has over 9 years of indepth experience of working in the fields of finance & accounting. He is currently based in Luxembourg working with global private equity and real estate funds. Being exposed to daily operations of funds and corporations, he is also familiar with legal and tax structuring of funds and corporates, as well as compliance and governance topics. He has extensive experience dealing with complex consolidations of large multinational corporations. Previously, Mindaugas worked as an auditor at KPMG gaining broad experience in the operations of banks, insurance, retail and manufacturing companies. Mindaugas is also an IT enthusiast. He has previously worked as a programmer with a number of startups such as penny auctions, CRM and real estate systems.


Ainis Dabols


Ainis has been working on tax and legal related matters for over twenty years and has proved himself as an outstanding expert in relevant fields. Currently, he is a Board Member of the Latvian Association of Tax Advisors, where he represents the professional interests of tax consultants in discussions with representatives of the Ministry of Finance and officials of Tax Administration.As a financial and legal advisor, Ainis has participated in various investment and management projects, provided consultations on tax planning, tax legislation, tax risk evaluation as well as represented his clients in financial and judicial authorities.

Gunita Kulikovska


Gunita’s background lays in architecture, urbanism and urban strategies. She is a member of Forbes’ 30 under 30 and a TEDx speaker. Archipreneur has also given her praise, as she was proclaimed one of the seven most inspiring female entrepreneurs in the field of architecture. In 2016, she and her partners established a startup company Vividly embracing VR as a new medium for building better cities. Vividly is well recognized on world VR map with expertise in real-time web VR solutions. Company started as a frontier in architecture and design industry empowering projects like NY Affordable Housing Challenge, Rail Baltica Riga Station and Expo Astana.

Andrew Johansson


An economic development specialist with recent expertise in the following areas: economic impact analysis, corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme development, strategic consulting for Fortune 1000 firms, economic modelling, data visualization and analytics, and municipal finance.Prior to establishing his own sole-proprietor economic development consultancy, Andrew served as a consultant for firms and think-tanks in the US, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.

Kristaps Silins


Kristaps is one of the region's most distinguished brand strategists, having worked with 75+ brands across Europe, with recent campaigns in Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands. His work has been featured in international media, including the New York Times. More than 20 advertising excellence awards, including the "Strategy Oscar"-the Golden Euro EFFIE in 2014-makes Kristaps the most awarded strategist in the Baltics. Forbes Magazine has also recognized Kristaps in its 30 Under 30 ranking in 2015.



Scandiweb is an award-winning digital solutions provider to brands like Walmart, Jaguar, New York Times, Happy Socks and many other global brands and startups. Scandiweb powers technology for the first decentralized publishing protocol on the blockchain and is consulting enterprises, banks and government on blockchain technology, tokenization and cryptomarkets.

White Label

White Label have extensive consulting experience spanning 90 brands across 7 countries and 12 industries, including both client work, as well as joining forces with advertising, digital, and design agencies.

Their team members have worked with clients in industries such as Financial Services, FMCG, Education, Telecom, Startups & Digital Services, Luxury and Automotive in countries as diverse as Germany, The UK, USA, Sweden, The Netherlands and the Baltic States.

They specialise in developing Reputation and Brand Strategy, Campaign Strategy and leading Strategy Workshops.

McCann Riga

McCANN Riga is part of the global McCANN WorldGroup agency network represented in 180+ cities around the globe. In Riga they are the fastest growing agency in 2016 and historically are a stable TOP3 most awarded agency in Latvia. In 2015. McCANN was the most effective agency in Europe, having received most EFFIE awards for exceptional results delivered for clients.

In 2016, after joining forces with White Label, McCANN has become the most strategic creative agency in Baltics with a team of 30+ people based in Riga office. They execute projects jointly with 120+ more colleagues from digital, PR, social media, media planning, packaging and identity design partners which allows us to be also the most integrated agency hub in Baltics.

McCann Riga offer Calculated Risk to our clients—exceptional creativity that makes the work noticeable in combination with well-grounded strategy, so that business results are maximised.


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